James Saldaña President and CEO

As an Independent documentary filmmaker and journalist with a decade of experience, I’ve produced and participated in the production of several documentary film and media projects.

Our Road to Kosovo
Role: Producer, Videographer and Editor
Locations Filmed: Kosovo and Serbia (1999/2000)

Description: Chronicles the struggle of an ethnic Albanian family during the conflict in Kosovo. Our Road to Kosovo is a personal story of tragedy and hope for the Kelmendi family as you learn of their harrowing exodus from Kosovo and the process of reclamation that these refugees must go through when they return home to find that their once familiar society has become livable only under constant military occupation.

Honors and Awards (see full list under Honors & Awards)
Best Short Documentary Temecula Valley International Film Festival
Best Documentary Film Planet Ant Film & Video Festival
Documentary Film Finalist Angelus Awards

Daughters of Abraham
Role: Associate Director and Videographer
Locations Filmed: Palestinian West-Bank and Israel (2002/2003)

Description: It was an indelible Newsweek cover photograph: two teenage girls who looked so alike they could have been sisters. Instead, one was a Palestinian girl who blew herself up in a Jerusalem grocery store killing a 17-year-old Israeli girl. Daughters of Abraham is an unblinking portrait of two lives on a fateful collision course.

* Later expanded to feature length by HBO Films as To Die In Jerusalem (2007)

LinkedIn Profile

As an American with international management experience in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe (former Republic of Yugoslavia) and Eurasia (former Soviet Union), I seek to support academic institutions, humanitarian aid and military operations, through the creative use of personnel, media, design and technology.

My employment history spans several different civilian career fields such as aviation, logistics, information technology, software design, graphic design, filmmaking, journalism, political science, higher education (faculty) and military service (instructor).

Utilising the latest techniques and methodologies, I facilitate solutions through the effective and efficient use of personnel, media, design and technology. I stress the importance of strategic planning based on research and empirical testing in a collaborative environment to accomplish well-defined goals in accordance with the mission of the organization.

This experience and expertise combined with my active participation in creative development that enables me to bridge the gap between technology and the user, thus facilitating effective solutions that are mission orientated.

★ M.A. in Mass Communications (Interactive Multimedia)
★ B.F.A. in Art & Design (Photo, Film, Electronic Visualisation)
★ Certificate in Computer Programming (C Language)
★ Infantry, Staff Sergeant (E-6) (11B3XC) Drill Sergeant and Air Assault (101st Airborne)

Previous work locations include USA, Canada, Germany, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Albania, Serbia (Kosovo) and Macedonia (former Republic of Yugoslavia), Peru, Israel (Palestinian West-Bank), Jordan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Sudan (Darfur), Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan (former Republic of the Soviet Union), etc.

I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, to American families of 4th generation German/Spanish decent, who served in World War II and World War I.