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Visual communication in part or whole relies on vision and is primarily presented or expressed using form, color, typography, illustration, graphic design, photography, film, animation and electronic multimedia resources, such as, software. It also explores the idea that a visual message has the power to inform, educate, or persuade a person or audience.

Our Road to Kosovo

Kosovo Liberation Army
Kosovo Liberation Army (1999)

Our Road to Kosovo chronicles the struggle of an ethnic Albanian family during the conflict in Kosovo. Our Road to Kosovo is a personal story of tragedy and hope for the Kelmendi family as you learn of their harrowing exodus from Mitrovica, Kosovo and the process of reclamation that these refugees must go through when they return home to find that their once familiar society has become livable only under constant military occupation.

A Film By: James Saldaña and Jeff Norman

CBC (Canadian Public Broadcasting) Radio Interview:

“You can’t move on until you forgive and if you never forgive, then conflict never ends and the suffering will always continue. You don’t honor people who suffered and died during a conflict by allowing that conflict to continue” – James Saldaña 

Two young Americans stood on the deck of a ferryboat on the Adriatic Sea and watched as lights appeared in the distance, revealing the coastline of Albania. Read more…

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Our Road To Kosovo - Front Cover Art
Front Cover Art
Our Road To Kosovo - Back Cover Art
Back Cover Art







Saldaña with Xhavit Gashi Consul General of the Republic of Kosovo, IA
Saldaña with Xhavit Gashi Consul General of the Republic of Kosovo, IA

IMDb: Daughters of Abraham

Newsweek Cover
Newsweek Cover (2002)

Daughters of Abraham (2004) is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the life and death of two teenager girls. The film was later picked up by HBO Films, extended to feature length and broadcast as To Die In Jerusalem (2007).

Producer: Hilla Medalia
Assistant Director: James Saldaña
Cinematographer: Chrissy Mazone

Produced by Medalia, James Saldaña directed the Palestinian portion of Daughters of Abraham (2004) and Chrissy Mazone was the primary cinematographer. We did not participate in the HBO extension of the film but our footage and creative direction were integrated into To Die In Jerusalem (2007).

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Daughters of Abraham - Front Cover Art
Front Cover Art – Original
To Die In Jerusalem - Front Cover Art
Front Cover Art – HBO