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• Software Development
• GUI/UI/UX Design (defined here and here)

ProCharter Aviation System

Role: Software Programmer and Designer (2014 – Present)

As a front-end application PAS (ProCharter Aviation System) is designed to capture raw operational data that can easily be shared with the customer’s personnel and data systems to insure accuracy and transparency in real-time as the data is entered and flights are executed.

Supreme Aviation Planning System

This modular system SAPS was transitioned into a live multi-million dollar operation over a period of several years. At peak SAPS coordinated up to two-dozen wide-body aircraft (e.g. Boeing 747) per/week that delivered in excess of 100 million Kg of cargo per/year to United Nations, African Union, NATO and ISAF forces.

Role: Software Programmer and Designer (2008 – 2013)

SIT Program

UIC Teacher Evaluation Program

Role: SIT Program Coordinator and Software Programmer (2007 – 2000)